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Make Your Health a Priority

We offer a fitness plan with Therapeutic Toning Tables, Cardio & Rehab equipment, Weights, Infra Red Sauna, a Relaxation area and much more to help you improve your quality of life.

Let our Therapeutic Toning Tables guide you as you work with the exercise to get a great workout. Our toning tables provide a method of exercise without the exhaustion and strain on your joints. The toning tables enhance your fitness levels at any age and all body types. You will be able to get in shape while losing inches. We assist you, work with what you can do, and document your progress! Come join the fun working out with others.

With the Toning Table and/or cardio you can work passively or actively, depending on your ability.

– Tone and Strengthen muscles

– Increase flexibility and mobility

– Relieve stress and tension

– Improve circulation and blood flow

– Lose inches faster

– Relieve stiffness of joints, arthritis pain

– Increase energy

– Improve bone density and improve posture

You will receive personal attention each visit and we have no long term contracts.

We partner with several insurance plans such as Silver Sneakers, Active & Fit which are a part of BCBS and other insurance programs.

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We have been coming to Renew Fitness for more than two years now. Walking everyday wasn’t getting us anywhere. Then I saw an ad in a local paper which lead us to Renew Fitness. It continues to make all the difference. Jim and I work out regularly with seven toning tables that work all major muscle groups and takes less than an hour of your day.  Add steppers, treadmills, fun filled exercise classes and other cardio-equipment and it’s easy to get a complete workout. We all have special needs and feel challenged to work on ourselves. Jim and Linda Lane can make the work easy with a faith filled, friendly place where everyone is welcome. A good environment helps the work turn into fun.  ~ Jim & Diane

I have been dealing with back issues ever since I was struck by a car in 2006 along with some other issues.  I thank God my neurologist sent me to Renew Fitness.  After my 3rd visit, I noticed that I no longer had back pain and in the 2nd week, I could balance on one leg without having to hold onto anything while lifting my leg to put my pants on.  The name Renew is truly a perfect name for this fitness center.  I have been through therapy a few times and it has been helpful, but I still had pain. With Renew Fitness I am pain free!   I am thankful Jim and Linda introduced this gym to our community. They offer an environment of peace and encouragement. ~ Shelia

I enjoy the massage chair and foot and leg massager. They are great after a good workout or a hard day at work. ~ Deb

I have more energy! ~ Jim

I am a lot more flexible. ~ Sue

The Toning Tables offer the best stress relief I’ve ever found. I’m sleeping better now. I just love it. ~Lee

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